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  1. I think it's great that your DH isn't taking the job offer. My DB wasn't going to take it...until his deployment got cut short and he'd be out money because it may be 5 months shorter at the most now. So since that happened, he decided to take the job after all. So it sucks to be me right now....blah. Other than that, I have other stuff that I am struggling to deal with. This is the worst time for him to be gone because I really need him, but he won't be around for a long time now. So he could be back from 1-3 months before leaving for that year job. I guess he gets a 2 week leave during that year, but still. It is such a long time. I wish his deployment wasn't cut short so he wouldn't have accepted this job.
  2. Oh my god! That same thing happened to me and my DH! But he's not taking the job, he wants to be home when this is over.. I'm sorry about your situation but I'm here if you ever want to talk.. Other than that how are you ?
  3. Pretty terrible. My DB got offered a job over in Afghanistan for a year. He will get $145,000 while he is over there. I think he will end up taking it. He asked me what I thought and I told him if the roles were reversed, I still wouldn't take the job. I dunno...time together is more important to me than money. However, this is his decision in the end.
  4. Hey! Sorry haven't take in a while I've been super busy! I'm doing okay, just miss my DH. How are you doing ?
  5. Hey! I dropped my DB off at the airport today (he got a 6 day leave) and now I won't see him until Feb. It definitely hasn't been a good day for me. 10 months is such a long time...blah. How are you? Hope you are having a better day than I am.
  6. Hey haven't talked in a while ! How are you doing?
  7. My spring break starts MOnday lol but my husband will be
    Home next Friday until the 22nd which is awesome I'm do excited !!
  8. When is your spring break? Mine is March 31st-April 9th. When I was in college, I was so used to having my break at the beginning of March lol. My DB's leave (assuming he gets it yet) is April 7th through April 13th. It technically isn't R&R since he doesn't get it, but least it is some sort of a break. Too bad it is so short though.
  9. It goes lol almost time for spring break and for my husbands leave which is awesome !

    A bridal shower ?! That sounds like fun lol
  10. I've been keeping busy with my job and bridal shower planning for my sis. The shower is this Saturday and I hope it goes well. Otherwise, 26 people are going to not be happy with me haha. How's college going?
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