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  1. I will definitely have to check it out next time I am back in Lapeer. One of my high school friends still lives in Lapeer, so maybe I'll drag her there haha. Deployments suck, but they are manageable. My DF was deployed Feb 2012 until Oct 2012 and we made it through. He's national guard and isn't stationed anywhere, but he works at the armory in Taylor right now. So yay LD relationship lol. When is your DH's deployment? Maybe this deployment will get canceled too lol.
  2. Hey, Ya i grad in 08 but left lapeer east in 06 to got to Imlay city high school. Ya that sonic took forever. And the bws just opened I think, a few of my friends got jobs there. So where is your DB stationed? Im here in norfolk with my Dh, hes navy, We are looking at our first full deployment together real soon, so ill be moving back. I had just moved back in january, when DH was saposta deploy in February but it was canceled two days before! So I was lucky enough to be able to move back to va in march.
  3. Hi Amanda! That's pretty awesome that you went to Lapeer East. What year did you graduate high school? I was a 2006 grad. I heard Lapeer opened the Sonic that they took years to build. They kept running out of money for it and it was the slowest restaurant build in history lol. There is also a B-Dubs going in! I'm excited about that one because I like Buffalo Wild Wings haha.
  4. Hahah we shall share more memories, I went to lapeer east for a bit. I say flint as well, its more known. Im amanda
  5. Hi! I just saw your post in the thread. I am surprised people know where Lapeer is at. I usually answer "Flint" when someone asks the area that I'm from haha. My family lives in Metamora, but it's pretty much Lapeer since I went to high school and elementary school there and such. My name is Shea

    I am off to bed now, but I'll be back on more tomorrow. We should trade Lapeer people skipping school to go to the grand opening of the Super Walmart haha.
  6. Hey I seen the Michigan post, I grew up in lapeer, and its super crazy to see people talking about it, such a small town lol
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