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  1. It's going to be okay hun. Believe me he's going to be able to call or send you something soon. Just stay positive. Always think happy thoughts. I know exactly how you feel the firsit 2 weeks he was gone i hardly heard from him. i got 1 call and 2 messages then when he got to the actual spot he's going to be staying at he has his free time to send messages here nd there but it's only 15 min that we get to chat nd it goes by quick. Have you sent him care packages??
  2. Hey! I haven't heard from him in a week and it's SO HARD!!! I didn't think it would be this hard I don't know how some of the ladies on here do it not hearing anything for months I want to talk to him so much, so much can happen in a week. I know he said he'd be gone on missions for 5 days at a time but now it's been 7. It's so hard to wait. How are you holding up?
  3. so how have you been holding up these past few days? Any calls or messages from your db? Hope all is well hun!
  4. hey girl!

    you know you can always mesage me and talk to me about what your going through. It's my first time going through this and it's killing me so much not having him here but he needs all the support he can have while he's gone. I try my best not to worry my db and to let him know am okay. because they have so much to worry while their gone. I don't let him know the issues about my life and whats really going on because he's one of the one's that are in the front lines in afghan and i think they have so much already going on that my bs will probably make it worse.So anytime you need anything just message me
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