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  1. got 2 messages from him the other day, he said he's been busy so he hasn't had the chance to get on. i guess there having long nights out so when he gets in he hits the i knw right i love the age but wow girl she's all her dad's energy. I was not as crazy at that age as what my ma says to me. This weekend that's coming am taking her to get pictures with santa so well see how that goes. hopefully she dosen't cry like last how's everything going hun? how's your daughter?
  2. Have you heard from him? Hope you do soon! You're daughter is at a great age! So much fun. Enjoy every minute of it
  3. ohh also she's doing good hun. she's growing up so fast and learning so much. she mocks everything everyone does which is funny but at times no good bc then she goes with her dad and he asked who teaches her that stuff and i don't know since she's with my mom and my family all day when am at work nd school.
  4. Well last week we were skyping everyday and chatting over messenger too but since monday night i haven't heard from him. He had told me that things were picking up over there so am assuming that he's busy and dosen't have time or the internet is down. Just weird now for me bc i've talked to him everyday and now nothing and it has me worried.
  5. You get to skype with him everyday?! I'm so jealous! But so happy for you! Crossing my fingers for you he stays there for a while! Hows your little princess?
  6. thats so great to hear that u did. glad you got to talk to your hunny!! didn't it feel great to hear him and to know he's okay. Things have been good with me still working and going to school. I've been good with the deployment as well. Been really happy theses past 2 weeks bc i've been able to skype with him everyday. so it was go to hear and see him. hopefully he stays a few months where he's at bc he gets wifi there so we've been on a constant communication with each other.
  7. Hey Girl! I had a nice relaxing Thanksgiving! How about yourself? I did get to talk to my hunny Always makes me happy. How are things for you? You doing ok?
  8. hey hun!1 it's been a while since we chatted...hope you had a great thanksgiving with your family and your daughter. hope all is well and hope you've gotten the chance to talk to you hunny!
  9. I love the snow...i just don't know if i would be able to handle it for so long. We have to travel to big bear in order to really enjoy snow here. Well thats great hun that we both definatly keep busy well our scheduels do.

    He's been gone since Oct 23rd 2011 and he won't be back till next year about june july or may?? not sure of the month or date since he said it might all change once he's over there.
  10. Trust me, the weather is still better over there. Starting next week there will be snow and it probably wont stop until April! Crazyness!

    I totally understand your schedule. I'm a post grad student, working on my phD, I serve at a fine dining restaurant 3 nights a week and all of my weekends and little free time I have during the week goes all to my princess Thank goodness for her, it helps big time during the deployment! How long has your SO been gone?
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