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  1. Hey there! Thought i'd stop by and say Hola! I hope you are doing well!
  2. You do! I haven't sent any care packages lately :/ Have you heard from him?? Mine's been gone for two months now. It's getting easier for me though.. I'm adapting now!
  3. I know my mom always says that i spoil him to much since thats where i work on the packages most of the time. He's been gone a month and 2 weeks. this week has been hard for me because i haven't heard from hom since monday and it has me worried since we've been on great communication with one another.
  4. Ugh! Some men can be dramatic and you're being very mature about it I haven't done any shopping either! I need to get at it asap!! He's doing okay, tired and busy most of the time so i try not to keep on the line too much when he calls. Yes, i have, not as often as you but i have I write to him often and send greeting cards here and there just to make him feel better How long has your Marine been deployed for?
  5. that's good. Everything has been going the same with work and classes...just dealing with issues with bby daddy. he's drama. ever since he found out about me and my marine he's been causing issues but i put that aside and try not to step down to his level of immuturity. I haven't even gone shopping for any presents. I was just online yesterday here at work and buying my daughter some toys i should have boughten on thankgiving weeknd.Other then that sending care packages every 2 weeks so been busy. So how's ur bd doing out there?? Have you sent cp to him??
  6. Good to hear things are good I hear from him often too but no Skype for us! Which is okay, because i'm grateful to just hear from him Things with me are okay, could be better but i'm not complaining. I start school next month and i'm currently looking for a job. How's everything else going for you? Ready for Christmas??
  7. hey hun!!
    things have been good. Time has been flying by so fast...especially being able to speak to him everyday well not so much now bc the connection over there has been super slow so we haven't been able to skype like we did last week. But those little messages he sends are okay with me, just to know he's okay is alright with me. How's everything with u missy??
  8. Stopping by to say Hello and see how you are doing? Hope all is well
  9. Hi there!!! I did! Hope you did too!!!
  10. hey hun!! hope you had a great happy thanksgiving with your family!
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