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  1. it was great. just got sick afterwards something wasn't cooked right! :/ but other then that things are good. hows everything going with your db??
  2. Thanks, you too! How was yours?
  3. hey hun!! hope you had a great thanksgiving with your family!
  4. Those are nice areas! I like Carlsbad a lot!!! But there's nothing to not love about it!!
  5. half point to camp penelton and my area. The reason is because i work in mission valley and I don't trust anyone but my mom to take care of my daughter so i would have to also drive all the way down to chula vista and drop her off and pick her up and he works all the way in las pulgas in infintry. So right now i've been looking at carlsbad or maybe even escondido.
  6. Hahaha sounds like a good time!!
    That's great that you are able to rialto him so often!
    Oooo that's exciting! Where are you guys looking at?
  7. LOL meant to say that's sweet hun. i type super fast plus am here at work and have things am doing and stuck on this chatting it up with all you ladies. getting paid to chit
  8. awww thanks sweet hun! am glad he at least got the chance to send you something to let you know he's thinking of you. I ma doing well same with the up's and downs but for the most part very grateful that i get to speak to my db almost everyday through messenger. he's been pushing me to look for houses so when he comes back we have some where to move too.
  9. Hi! Uhm everything is ok for the most part. I have my ups and downs. Haven't heard from DB in almost two months now, but did get flowers from him yesterday. How are you doing? Is this your first deployment?
  10. hey hun. my name is andrea and i see were both going through deployment right now. how's everything going with you?? Hope all is well and any time you want to chat am here.
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