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  1. Thanks so much I definitely appreciate it. I'm all ears as far as any advice about future deployments and your experiences and such! I'm in Maryland, DB is in NC at Lejeune!
  2. oops nevermind- you are in north carolina right?
  3. yeah at least you will be busy with school. The deployment made DB and I super close. We were able to learn a lot about each other. If you ever need anyone to talk to I am always here to listen! Do you live in California?
  4. No problem! Yes they do! Yeah it seems like a really great resource, I'm looking forward to getting the hang of it better. I'm sure you are so happy having him back! DB is not currently deployed but likely will be towards the end of the year. Not looking forward to it, but he is, as it is what he signed up to do! Hopefully it will be over the school year, so I can just keep my head down in studies and graduate!
  5. Hey! Thanks for the message. Our "about me's" seem very similar- haha. At first I looked at this site only for care package info, but once I got the hang of it I noticed there is so much more to it. My DB was deployed for about 6 months and got back in December. It has been so nice having him back. I dont really consider 2.5 hour drive long distance, but it definitely would be nice to have him in the same city! Is your DB deployed? I can't remember if you said he was or wasnt.
  6. Hey there! My DB is at Lejeune about 6 hours away - not too bad considering he could have been sent to hawaii! I was having a really bad night last night and came across this website via a google search - so glad I did! I'm looking forward to getting in touch with other ladies who know what it is like!
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