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  1. Well sit tight and hope for the best!! Good luck with studying and let me know if you hear anything
  2. I'm dyin over here!!! I can't handle that he is either celebrating cuz he made it or seriously bumming because something happened and he recycled!! I WANT TO KNOW!!! hahah. Oh and theres the fact that I will LOOOOOOOSE it if he recycles because I want to see him next week not next month!! hahaha. I'm praying no news is good news lol. The only plus to the waiting game is that my entire weekend is cramming for a nursing exam so at least that helps not to let the mind wander Thanks, your a sweetheart for thinking of me!
  3. I hope the waiting game is going well and that mail has been a bit more reasonable! My fingers are crossed you get word this weekend
  4. No problem! I sent him a few plastic knives just in-case some of the guys wanted some too. I always sent way toooo much stuff! When I sent my Mountains CP he only had about 5 minutes to eat he ate so much so fast he ended getting sick. He should have access to a phone when he is on his 8 and 12hr pass but I'm pretty sure that they cant have them when they return back at night. So if you get a call Sunday night don't expect to hear anything on Monday. Tuesday should be the 8hour pass and Wednesday he should get the 12hour. After Thursday your communication will be back to normal If you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask!
  5. Awesome thanks so much! unfortunately I dont think I will be making graduation.. I live in Maine so it would be a super expensive trip last minute and I just started nursing school clinicals and they are pretty strict on missing clinicals. I love the PB&J idea!! Did you send a plastic knife or should I assume he will have access lol! On those few days where he is cleaning his weapons and whatnot do they usually have access to phones? I'm sure its once again the depends on the RI answer hah! I felt bad, he thought he would have his package from mountain on the way to florida but they RI's told them they have 3 minutes with them! He was still happy though said he ate plenty haha. I will try to be patient incase I dont get a phone call until monday or tuesday but its hard for me when I know I MIGHT get one sunday!! hahaha. Thanks again!
  6. Oh also if you're planning to head down for graduation its normally that upcoming Thursday around 10am. He'll get a 8hr and 12hr pass on Tuesday and Wednesday to get some sleep good food or visit loved ones but he's got to make it back to the Ranger Training center to sleep! If you have the chance definitely try and make it! Graduation fell in the middle of my finals week so I wasn't able to fly down but at least his dad did. I hear it was a great time!
  7. That is so exciting congrats!!!

    Okay Florida phase was only two weeks and they spent a few days after back at Darby cleaning weapons and getting ready for graduation. Just like all the other phases he will end on a Friday! If you're going to send a care package it needs to be there no later than the next day (Saturday) because the head back to Darby on Sunday. I got the call that he passed really late that Sunday night around 11pm but some other ladies didn't hear back from their guys until late Monday or Tuesday night. It all really depends on how much access they have to the phones and normally they let the guys with wives call first. One of the things I sent him was a loaf of bread and some peanut butter and jelly hands down his favorite thing during those two months. That kid loves his pb&j!
  8. Hey, so great news, he passed mountains!! He started florida today (if day 0 counts?) and I am SOOOO confused!!! HAHA. He told me that he only really has 14 days left, because they have 3 days of "class" and then the 10 day FTX and then they are done and just spend a few days cleaning their weapons and whatnot and then they have the 3 days before graduation... This conflicts with what I see online that says that florida is 18 days long. Maybe they are counting the weapon cleaning days lol. The only reason it really matters is that I want to send him another care package but im not sure when to send it?? If he really is done in 14 days will he go back to darby then, or does he stay in florida till the 18 days are up?? I am SOOO confused! hahaha. I have been sending them at the beggining of his last week, so usually monday and he is done on friday. But according to him he will be done iwth florida a week before wondering if I should send it in a week.. Do you happen to remember when you sent yours? I'm not sure if you can help me but any advice is much appreciated Thanks!!!
  9. Thank you, your a life saver
  10. Oh good! The care packages are a quick way to the heart. Your mail will get to him. I screwed up the company when my boyfriend switched phases and he still got the mail. As long as the Ranger number is correct it will be fine. If you have any questions about when passes are or when to expect a phone call don't hesitate to ask!! Good luck
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