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  1. Things are going okay. Still feeling like I'm in denial with all of this! I don't think I've fully accepted the fact that we aren't long distance and I won't see him in a month or so. Being with DB's family was nice but made things really sink it that he won't be around for quite some time. How was your holiday? Did it take your mind off of things?
  2. Sunday was 2 weeks! I'm finally "adjusting" and feeling better. How are you doing being back with DB's family?
  3. Hey! How are you holding up? has your DB officially left yet?
  4. Thanks, Hun! I feel sooooo much better. Glad you get to see DB's family.. And good luck on your exams!
  5. I saw you got an email for DB today!! Yay that is awesome very happy for you Hope you're hanging in there okay I'm back in Michigan now just hoping time ticks on fast for the both of us!
  6. Yay! Glad you have your parents and the comfort of home right now. So happy you had such a great time. And yes, hardest part is definitely over!! Just don't be shocked if you turn a little bipolar these next couple days hang in there! I'm doing steadily better minus a couple breakdowns. I just want it to be December now! I've had enough of Novemeber
  7. Well today sucked but the goodbye is finally over and the countdown can start yay! I sure hope this gets easier. Our last few days together were the best and I've got some great memories to hold me over. Finally back in CA but it took forever!!! How are you holding up?
  8. Yep, Orange County! Enjoy these next couple days! I promise it's gonna get easier the wait is seriously so much freaking worse. Hope you guys have a great day today!!
  9. Only a few more days together and he'll be gone for 9 months but it seems like you have it a bit worse with 10 I'm from Santa Rosa, it's about an hour north of San Francisco. You're down south right?
  10. And where are you from in CA?
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