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  1. lol, Nice! DF is from TExas so he's always been that way, but he doesn't sound like it. I sound more southern then him!
  2. I got a call from DF earlier and I was dealing wiht the same thing.... aw he is so southern now!
  3. :d I can't stop smiling now. lol
  4. oh yay! <3
  5. it so is! but on the bright side I'm getting to talk to DF right now!
  6. same... lol college is seriously hard on the bank account
  7. Me too! I'm a broke college student,it sucks
  8. Im broke! its sad lol
  9. I want to watch Once upon a time but I keep forgetting it's on!. I like two broke girls though, It's like my sister and I. lol
  10. Idk... i like a lot of shows... the ones i have been watching lately are castle, new girl, bones, once upon a time and hart of dixie lol
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