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  1. I do! I love her books! My favorite is Vane, his book is Night Play, I love the whole story line. I love Ash too, and Val(tehe). Okay I don't think I can choose a favorite really, I would marry them all!
    I can't wait to get her new book, it just came out on Tuesday and I haven't had a chance to pick it up.
  2. I love her dark hunter books... and Zarek is my favorite i would marry him if my soldier wasn't so amazing

    do you read her dark hunter books? Whose your favorite?
  3. I'm studying for elementary education and love it. I'm hoping when I move soon I'll be able to get a job working at a day care center with kids. I can't wait to get married, i'm so excited. I saw that you like sherrilyn kenyon and she is one of my favorite authors as well. Which is your favorite book of hers?
  4. Hello! I'm trying to make more friends on here... say on mia's post that you were studying to become a teacher, you love to read, and you're getting married soon! Me too! to all of those! so I thought I would stop in to say hey!
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