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  1. now a days everything needs to be deeply weighed before making big decisions. it sorta sucks!
  2. Yeah.. that is why we are contemplating it.. the economy.. we really want to head to TN.. he wants to get into a sheriff's office there.. but if that dont work or we may end up just reenlisting... which does still have its benefits.. its just alot to think about
  3. I'm hoping DH will because of the economy, I'm not done with school yet and I think it would be better to stay in. I kinda hopes he stays in for the whole 20 years i think it would be best. It's just a matter to wait and see.
  4. I agree... i can work around the army as a cosmetologist as well.. We are still talking about whether we will be reenlisting or not... UGh......
  5. Dh has been talking about and like that. He said before he met me al he wanted to do was be in the navy for life and now he's not sure what to do. It's odd. All I've ever wanted to do is be a teacher and I can work around the navy for that.
  6. Yeah... traveling is good.. DF has done lots of traveling..... and at such a young age.. he is definitly ready to just settle down and enjoy our little family... He told me when he was younger all he wanted was a military career... but once he had kids.. he knew that family was way more important to him.. Dont get me wrong.. he still loves his job and he is really good at it.. but sometimes he just wishes we could speed things up to retirement or something
  7. Thanks, In a way i want to have a child but at the same time I know I'm sooooo not ready and we want to travel some and do a lot before them.
  8. AWWW!!!! i think it would be a good thing to wait.. we are going to wait till sometime after we get married before we have another... even though we are both really excited to have another... we think it is best to wait...
  9. Yeah I read that on your profile. I would think of them as ours as well. I just got married almost two weeks ago and we don't plan on having kids for a while.
  10. Thats alright.. i got it under control.. he is kind of my third.. actually i only have one of my own.. who is going on three. .. but my DF has a 5yr old and a 2yr i am helpin take care of while he is away..... i consider them all ours... the 2yr old is giving me the problems right now.. and the 5 yr old is giving papaw problems.... lol..
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