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  1. i dont really like the dynamic actually only on here now to try and get some information about Norfolk and things like moving and stuff
  2. that sucks, why won't you be on much? I'm nosie
  3. no ps i probably wont be using this site much anymore but im always on facebook!!! he shouldve gotten his orders by now but he hasnt completed his overseas medical exam
  4. any orders yet????
  5. Chocolate Eclair Cake |
    You heat the chocolate sauce stuff up other wise it doesn't turn out right but it is amazing i love it andit taste so good
  6. that sounds amaze!!! i saw white chocolate cream cheese at the store today...i hope it's there next week so i can make a cheesecake with it
  7. i got it form pintrest(I'll find the recipe for you) it's graham crackers, instant pudding mixed with whipped cream and those are layered then you add a chocolate sauce topping. it's amazing, because you leave it in the fridge over night and it makes the crackers soft and yummy melt in your mouth.

  8. you have to share your secret!!! that sounds like delish in my mouth
  9. no idea, i don't feel like cooking and i've been snacking allll day so i think i'm going to make my sister fend for herself. muhahahaha i need to make an eclair cake for tomorrow though.
  10. *sucks teeth* fine!!! hey so whats for dinner tonight? the future T's are having (leftover chicken parm) but i'm putting a chicken rice cheese broccoli situation in the crockpot for tomorrow
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