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  1. Hey girl! Hope you are doing well!
  2. Things are good. Keeping myself busy TGIF!
  3. I wish! I'll probably go get some today. There is a store out here that has their own brand of cream soda that's ridic! How are things with you?
  4. So did you get your cream soda???
  5. yeah that's pretty normal i'm seeing lol like with the people on here (none of my friends are in serious relationships). and ugh yeah it's starting to be stressful just trying to figure out like cross country families, and venues, and all that jazz. so im kinda happy i started planning things early instead of waiting
  6. Weddings have the head exploding affect on people, that is for sure! Its amazing how a day that is so happy brings such headache for the months leading up to it. Um, I over think things with DB. We have been together for a couple of months and I think it is going fine but if ANYTHING out of the normal happens I freak out on the inside. I remain calm on the outside but on the inside I am reeling.
  7. over thinking what?
    our wedding is tentatively scheduled for next october but the boy wants it in the spring. i just want to make sure he's not gonna be on the ship so i think we'll wait until he gets his orders and then plan it for a month and a half after he's supposed to come back. idk...mymind is about to explode lol
  8. Oooo! Cream soda is YUMMY! My day is ok. I am in a over thinking mood. When is your wedding?! That is exciting!!!
  9. hey! it's going lol i have been looking up places to have my wedding and am starting to get frustrated...also it's snowing and i just decided i wan a cream soda so hopefully the boy stops at the store on his way home.
    how is your day going?
  10. Hey girl Hope you are having a happy Wednesday!
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