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  1. Middle school WOW!! I am Early/ Elem Education. I can't do past 2nd grade.... So I applaud you!! :-)
  2. I'm studying Middle School Math. I gradute in Dec.
  3. Well, it's nice to meet another fellow education major :-) What is your area of study??
  4. I'm actually an Education Major. We have our accreditation back, we got it back last year.

    And things are going well, we havnt' had any issues. DH has never been deployed.
  5. I was about to attend Wesley, but the year I went in to College they lost their accreditation in their Education Department. What are you going to school for? And if you don't mind me asking how are things on the base? (are things going well there) and id your DH deployed right now?
  6. I'm attending Wesley. It's not bad.
  7. Oh ok. What school are you attending?
  8. We've been in Dover just under 4 years. DH has beem stationed here since Nov. 2009 and I've been attending college here since Aug 2009.
  9. Oh yes, I did see your reply. Sorry I'm trying to get the hang of using this site, its a little confusing to me. How long have you been in Dover?? I Went to school there, but use to live in Upper DE.
  10. Hello! I replied to your thread about Dover, but I'm not sure if you saw it. I'm stationed here, we love it.
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