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  1. EXCELLENT! We can probably do some training runs together if DH will watch Teddy for me (i hate running with the stroller. it bugs my shoulders!)

    We won't know exactly which town we will be living in until we get to Germany (holy heart attack, Batman), but I'm sure it won't be too crazy of a drive. Jenny is probably right smack between us!
  2. I will definitely be in on a half! I loved my last one and I can't wait to do when when I'm better trained.
  3. oh my gosh, we should do that together if you're ever up for it! I coaxed Jenny into agreeing to a half with me, if you want in on that too! I have a lot of training to go for that one, so it wouldn't be super soon or anything!
  4. So I found a bunch of races that are relay marathons- so if I read it correctly, easy person runs about 6-7 miles. I was like, oh! I should tell you!
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