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  1. Yessss!! We definitely will. My husband is going to AIT next month, as long as he passes the first phase in Virginia he'll be at Eglin in October and I will follow in January.
  2. Probably forever. I will be SO excited if you get to move there! We'll have to do a beach day or something.
  3. Hey how long do you plan to stay in Pensacola (if you're still there..)? I'm moving to Eglin AFB in January as long as nothing goes horribly wrong!
  4. No haha it's like two hours away. I think there is another Port St something up around there though, and I go to Orlando pretty often. Theres nothing to do in PSL at all haha you have to travel to do anything interesting.

    How is it where you are?
  5. I've definitely heard of it! Is it sorta close to Orlando, or am I thinking of somewhere else?
  6. I know! I thought it would be super humid here because it rains a lot and it's an island obv lol but it feels so much better than Florida.

    I'm from Port St Lucie so I'm moving back there at the end of August. Are you familiar with it at all? It's on the east coast sort of near West Palm Beach.
  7. Wow, I can't believe Hawaii is less humid-feeling. What part of Florida are you moving back to?
  8. The heat actually isn't bad in Hawaii! I mean it gets hot but there's usually a nice breeze, can't complain. Not looking forward to that part of becoming a Floridian again!
  9. Thank you!! It has taken me months to get a picture of him smiling. He's soo camera shy!! How are you doing? Are you enjoying summertime or is the heat too much to handle?
  10. Your siggy picture is too cute!!!
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