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  1. DB finally told me a date he'll be back in the states!!! but he still won't tell me what day he'll be here with me! he wanna surprise me i'm in missouri and he's flying into his mom in ilinois i'm soo excited!! is ur DB home yet???
  2. Hey! Im sorry it took so long for me to reply back! Yay im so excited for both of us! so so soon! if you go to USER CP and then edit profile you can upload a picture for your background, i just looked up cheetah print on google and saved a picture.. my background is tiled I think. Then it alows you to pick colors for you heading and such.!! I dont know where to start with this homecoming, im so anxious! I think I want to get him a present but have no idea what!
  3. heyyyy just got ur comment!! sooo crazy our boys are based and timed the same!!...i wonder if they do know eachother lol my DB is coming home ANYTIME (i know when, but we not supposed to say lol ) i am so on edge right now, it cld be anytime that i get the US number phone call lol

    i love ur page!!! how did u change it???
  4. Hi! I was just reading your post about the homecoming protocol and I realized that I am in the same boat as you! my DB is in the marines, he's also stationed in japan and right now he's deployed but I have a feeling that both of our boys will be back in japan on the same day! (they might even know each other lol)!
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