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  1. My husband is human intel. So dont know what unit he is in.
  2. hes going to be in fires sqd 2STRYKER CV RG what is ur husband in? unit WAK5AA
  3. If he is going to be in 2nd scr then he will be deploying middle of next year probably.
  4. WE are in oklahoma ft sill. we are really ready to go over there. i found out what unit my husband is in but cant figure out if they are deploying or now.
  5. Oh cool! So many people are moving there. I cant wait to get there. The sooner I get there the longer I have with my husband before deployment. Where are you at now?
  6. Hi Thats great you will get to be with ur husband soon.... We are goin to be stationed in vilseck germany in march is our report date hope to see you over there
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