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  1. Oh my! You're busy all the time!!!! Where are you moving to? Let's see, I started a new job a few weeks ago and I really like it. DB stays in touch as much as possible, three months down, four to go! I'm not going to school this semester because my work schedule interferes but hopefully i get to go back soon How are things with your DB?
  2. I'm doing great! Just a little stressed out because I'm working full-time, going to school full-time, and trying to coordinate a move in a few months! Anything new in your life?
  3. Hello! I am good, yourself?
  4. Hey girl! How are you?
  5. Passing by to say Hello Hope you are doing well!
  6. Hello there!
  7. Wow! that is crazy! in a cool way of course(:
  8. omg, i live literally 2 blocks away from the border of minneapolis and robbinsdale! crazyyyy. i'm not from minnesota though, i'm actually from wisconsin.
  9. Lol!! Yes, i am. He's from Robbinsdale. How about you?(:
  10. haha no, I meant like a super senior in college! like, its taking me longer than the normal 4 years to get my undergrad. anyway, where in minnesota is your boyfriend from?
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