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  1. LOL there are way more than just one store in hinesville. all it has are thee essentials. and then the army post. but honestly that is it. and it is SO tough to find a job in hinesville since it is such a small town, jobs are limited! good luck, oh and for sure, we'll get some starbucks or something while your down here.
  2. Omg Really.. I know my DB said Hinesville is a small town and has like one store... I have to find a job there and he is coming home in July, so I will be with him for a month or so before I move. We def should hang out.
  3. i am in Fort Stewart (: honestly i HATE hinesville GA. but i LOVE savannah!!! it is beautiful (: i was excited too this is our second duty station, Well his second. my first i used to live in washington so it doesnt really count. you'll love it. we have to meet up when you get down here.
  4. Hey Leilani! I heard your in ft. Stewart! How do you like it there? I will be there around Oct. I'm excited and nervous
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