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  1. I can imagine!! I don't envy you but for graduating!!! So exciting!!
    I applied for two different art teaching positions (one called today and said they hired someone else ) so I am hoping to hear from the other one by the start of next week.
  2. Oh, awesome! I'm glad you got some time to yourselves Goodness knows it can be few and far between. Good luck with your interviews! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you Any job in particular that you're really gunning for? And wow!! That's a lot at once! I finished my first summer semester, but now I'm in my second. Classes end August 5th and then I'll finally be a graduate Right now we're really just trying to get everything set up to PCS, have Aubree, graduate, etc. Lots of stress!
  3. I've been thinking of you as well! Just been really busy. We got to get some leave time for an anniversary so we traveled to the beach here. Then had a few job interviews (still waiting to hear back) and now moving Saturday. Things should settle down after that How about you? You are done with school now right?
  4. Yeah, not as well as I wish I did though My family is pretty much all German and Czech and they're kind of into the culture, so I took language classes in high school and college. Btw, how have you been? I was thinking about you the other day and wondering what you've been up to!
  5. you speak German whaaa!?
  6. No worries! Wish I could've been at one haha!!
  7. at*
  8. I was in the pool when you were in the chat Sorrrries!
  9. Lol yeah it's quite addicting
  10. Haha!! That game's a blast, right? I was up at a cabin (with WiFi) with DH and he banned me from going on forums for the weekend, so Words with Friends was my outlet lol
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