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  1. Nobody would bother you There are three sports dynasties supported throughout NJ (different ones moreso in different parts of the state): NY, Boston, and Philly. Any of the above won't even get you a second glance.
  2. wear red sox hat while ordering :p

  3. I feel my sugestions would be the same food related wise if you were ever to go to SD or the bay area


    Bucket list: go to NJ and get a bagle with cheese
  4. That's right by where Eric is from! Definitely get pork roll egg and cheese on a bagel. Since you'll be up north, order it as taylor ham egg and cheese on a bagel. i suggest some ketchup or whatever, but it's good on its own! and since you're so far up north, go for any sort of ethnic cuisine you'd like. Indian is great in that area, so is Italian. Make sure to go to a diner and try some matzoh ball soup. Try a slice of REAL pizza. All of my suggestions are food related, because omg.
  5. Ill be in the north, I think, Newark, I think, Idk, were visiting my grandma's side of the family while were in MA for a few days
  6. Depends on what part of jersey you're in...but I'm gonna go ahead and say you need to get pork roll egg and cheese on a bagel
  7. what is one thing

    I should do in New Jersey?
  8. ditto on why i picked september for my date! he comes back sometime in august, but i want to enjoy some debauchery in our new house before i start the quitting. i know i can't drink while i'm trying to quit, but i wanna enjoy some wine with DH when he gets home
  9. my date is in september

    it mostly has to do with DB getting back :p
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