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  1. haha no..the snows been pretty bad. Just got more of it too
  2. well of corse not, unless u like to snowshoe
  3. Yeah there's lots, I haven't done any in ages though
  4. Is there any good hiking in scotland?
  5. that's fantastic I'm happy for you! I love hiking too! I've always been an outdoorsy person
  6. amazing. Totally low key and totally into the outdoors like me (im a major hiker)
  7. oh really? whats he like?
  8. I met a boooyyyyy he is wonderful and im curious to see if anything happens
  9. How can you not get away from it? Happy New year to you too Oh right yeah I'm ahead of most people on here Did you do anything nice for new year?
  10. pretty good........i cant seem to get away from the navy how hard i try.....-_- happy new year, though u were having and new year before me -_-
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