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  1. mmmmkay
  2. im lefty, everything will be lost in translation
    ill text you if I have time to stop, I should, but You never know
  3. I'm down You could teach me how to knit
  4. soooooooooo I am thinking im broke, but do u want to hang for an hour or two around 11 tommorow? as im on my way up to malibu? im too poor to do much else lol
  5. el troll is not on IM anymore
  6. Anyway, I think I'll be staying around for at least a couple days and go to Oceanside, so let's make this bull happen finally!

  7. I'm just gonna move in with you!

  8. well

    if u need monies, let me know, as long as u would pay me back. Im not rich but I can pay for gas up to SC
  9. If I don't get my money by then I will not have enough gas money to go anywhere really
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