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  1. wow so youve known eachother for awhile but finnaly got together. How cute
    I do alot of volunteer work. Animal shelter, after school programs for kids that need help with homework, senior centers (bingo nights with them twice a week)
    just pretty much anything that'll keep me busy
  2. We have only being going out a month and a day but have crushed on each other for a year now. Well me at least him longer haha boys and being shy sometimes. We have known each other for 7years now too. I am trying to get two jobs during my college break to keep myself busy lol what do you do to keep busy?
  3. Well I try n do as much as I can during the day and that seems to be helping ALOT!
    a year and 3months
    & you two?
  4. so time does fly ? I sitting here thinking its going by so slow.. So how long have you two been together?
  5. Im doing okay as well, hangin in there.
    DF left for 5 months in october, so far time is flying
  6. Hello i am doing okay. DB just left for 7 months. how are you ?
  7. hey
    how are you doing?
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