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  1. Haha I wish I could get 400 hundred dollars for my neck and shoulders haha. Too bad college doesn't do things like that. Arg, tonight I have to write a 5 pg paper due tomorrow. I really don't think i'm cut out for this lol. So how's lover boy??
  2. lol yeah i bet. im glad you got better roommates tho. Thats always a plus =] I wasnt seriously injured..just had a sore neck and shoulders for a few days. thats what the 400 dollars was for. ;]
  3. Did you get hurt in the accident?? I hope not. Thats good you got your car fixed and 400 dollars is not bad either lol. My move is great, I just moved to another room but it's nice to have roommates who are actual humans.
  4. Hey sorry its taken me so long to write back...Ive been dealing with a lot since getting in rear ended..Im getting $400 dollars tho for pain and suffering and my car got fixed. =]
    How's your move going? you moving home or just to another dorm?
  5. Uck that sucks the guy who hit you better dish out some cash for this lol. Yea, I haven;t cryed but I'm really stressed because I have so much shit to do ugggg. Oh and i'm moving but there not giving me anytime to do so.
  6. yeah it does. I was at a red light when leaving school and this dude came from up behind me and hit me. so now my car is in the shop and im driving a rental. aw being sick sucks I hate it...I always cry when im sick lol.
  7. That sucks?? What happened. Ugh I hate being sick at college
  8. be glad you dont...i just got rear ended yesterday =[
  9. There are but I don't have a car
  10. are there any restaurants near by? You could try that. =]
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