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  1. I will (: The boys and I will be back in March!
  2. Lolol! Won't you be here visiting soon?
  3. I miss you tons.
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  5. Well now you know me, so your not alone now!
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  6. Nope, just got to town. As soon as he checked into his command they gave him a few days to get me situated and to get the house and then they flew him out to the ship
  7. OMG. I just seen your tickers. You haven't been here very long at all!
  8. I've been here for 2 years! When did you get here??
  9. i LOVE kids! I am actually taking a few semesters off but I was going for Elementary Education. So hanging out with cute preggo you and the baby boy is no issue! I would have to hold him LOTS tho! And congrats on the new addition. I havent been feeling too well so I'm hoping that the hubby let me with a present before he left too lol

    How long have you been here for?
  10. I'm always up for hanging out if you want too! And if you dont mind kids I have a 14 month old little boy, and hubby left me a going away present of babyboy #2
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