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  1. Yes ma'am!
  2. Are you walking tomorrow
  3. Girlfriend I just logged in fail fail. I'm PMing you my number so you can be like HEY! GET YOUR A** HERE!
  4. I'm going to be at the park between 11 and noon. If you want to join me, feel free!!
  5. Yeah, I get it now. I read that response...without having coffee first
  6. I have class at 1, so being done around noon would be best. sorry if I was unclear. Does that work still or not?
  7. Noon this momma can do
  8. Well, not TOO early. I'm not a morning person either. I was thinking sometime between 10-noon. I have to go feed a friends cats and water plants and then go walking.
  9. Oh yeah that strikes my fancy. Like how early morning..this mama + early= cray cray
  10. Yeah! I moved here in January to go to Grad School. I'd love to meet. I have a very open schedule, so whenever works for you!

    I'm going walking at Mt. Trashmore every morning next week (weather permitting) if that strikes your fancy at all.
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