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  1. My DB has only been deployed 2 1/2 weeks. I won't say it gets easier, you just slowly get a little more use to the distance. I still have my days when I break down but it's not everyday now. As the time goes by you'll learn little things that seem to help you. It's different for everyone. Keep yourself really busy! I find when I keep myself busy with other people they days are much easier and they seem to fly by
    If you ever need someone to talk to feel free to PM anytime.

    Denton - I like it, I don't know much of Denton, I moved here in Jan. and I am leave Thursday to move back home to NY. I came here for college but I'm not returning, it's too far from my family! LOL
  2. How long has your DB been deployed? I'm wondering if it ever gets easier the more times we have to be separated from the people we love. My husband left Sunday and I'm pretty sure I'm a mess.

    Do you like Denton? I have an Aunt and Uncle who live there and it's a nice area. I always get freaked out about the traffic.
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