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  1. Well I am glad it was much less stressful/scary than you anticipated : ) I smiled when I read you only got passed a few times because I can imagine a million people passing me, lol I will def join you in a couple weeks if you go once we get through AO and get this stuff in the apartment...our hhg got here yesterday (and they only broke one thing incredibly, lol) so we're living among boxes and waiting for them to come get the loaner furniture too : ( At least I have my bed! lol
  2. I did drive to the market! It wasn't bad at all, I only got passed a few times!
  3. Well did you attempt the drive? How did it go?
  4. lol...well good luck : ) I will keep you in my thoughts for your drive! Let me know how it goes
  5. That sounds great : ) We're starting AO next week and moving into housing so in the next week or so I should be free : ) Good luck with the driving part, i would be freaked out, lol Is anyone going with you? Maybe that would make you feel a little better if you took someone?
  6. I am going to attempt to drive to the market next Thursday. I walked today and the bridge killed my legs! Plus it isn't a walking bridge, so there isn't really much room to walk over it (it is the only dangerous part of the walk). You are more than welcome to join me any Thursday morning! The Gricignano market is on Thursday mornings and I leave at 8 right after I drop DS off at school.
  7. We haven't been off base just much as I'd like to I think we prob won't venture off somewhere until we get into housing and stuff next week...We did however get cellphones today, got some things set up, and I hit up the it's moving right along : ) I'm def looking forward to some experiences out in town so if you wanna pair up and go to the market in the next couple of weeks I'd love to join you : ) If it's ok with you of course : )
  8. Awesome! Have you been off base yet?
  9. Yea I guess it wouldn't be so bad not having a car if my son was a little older...i went to the CDC (by myself and I didn't get lost, yay!) today since I'm thinking about taking him there one day a week or so later on so he can have a play day with other kids. The market sounds really cool, I like to eat as much fresh stuff as I can...I'm def looking forward to experiences like that. We found out today we're getting into our apartment next week and AO starts next Friday...I think it's gonna be a busy week but I'm ready for it!
  10. I drive on base when needed. Not having the car was not that bad for us b/c our little one is 7. We got here on December 15th. The rain does suck, but as long as it stays away on Thursday mornings I don't mind it too much. That day I go to the market (the produce is so much cheaper than the commisary). To help with your Italian you should check out the easy italian course the fleet and family services does. I just took it and it helps. I am by no means bilingual, but I can buy stuff at the market, ask about allergens, and order a bottle of wine, lol.
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