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  1. I've been good , just planning our wedding for July. Not much longer and ill officially be his wife lol can't wait! Mmm idk hasn't been easy for me here , with not knowing anyone at all. The ppl I've meet we're either too old in age or we just simply didn't click so been rather hard and boring for me here.
  2. I've been good! Just been working, what about you? How are you liking living here?
  3. Hey ! How have you been ?
  4. Aww well I'm not "by myself" but kind of am lol. He's always gone at work an other stuff lol. So if you want ever to meet up jus let me know I could deff use some girl time lol
  5. Things have been going well. I actually grew up in the DFW area...I love Texas! My husband is in San Antonio right now for training, but he'll be here soon. It's hard being by myself!
  6. Hey , how are things going?? Seen your dream sheet is Texas lol. I'm originally from there , if you haven't been then I suggest you go sometime to San Antonio and Austin
  7. Hello ! No I live in a town called crestview which is by Eglin AFB , about 30 min from Pensacola tho. So not too far. Ugh the adjustment is hard coming a fast pace state to a slower paced state lol. I take it your in Pensacola ??
  8. Hey, girl! Do you live in Pensacola? My hubby is in training right now in Texas, and I just moved out here. It's been quite an adjustment, but I think for the better
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