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  1. Boot camp is in Chicago. Ohhhh I see... My DH is doing the same thing, college first then Navy. He wanted to wait until he got his bachelors and go in as an officer but after taking almost three year to get in associates in two majors he is ready to start his career!
  2. He's been in since he graduated college in 2007. So does your DH know where he's going to boot camp yet? I knew someone in the Navy at Tinker. He's actually my twin's ex DB lol
  3. Oh cool! We have been here since 2008. We moved here to be close to my DHs family and he went to school. How long has your DF been the Airforce?
  4. oh awesome! We actually live in Edmond, which is near Tinker, but DF is stationed at Tinker. He's been here a few years, it's not so bad! How long have y'all been here?
  5. Hi! Just saw that you have Tinker as your location. I live about 15 mins away from there. My DH recently joined the navy and is going to boot amp in November. How long have you been stationed here?
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