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  1. Not yet. DH is going to training in San Antonio next month, so we will probably get there some in late April or early May. We are flying there next week to look for a house to buy, so we're pretty excited about taht!
  2. Hey! Sorry I forgot to respond to you
    Have you guys moved yet?
  3. We're getting stationed there, but we'll probably be there at least 3 years and may stay there permanently. We are looking at Gulf that a good area? I'm mainly worried about finding a good neighborhood, because I've heard some scary things about Pensacola. Also, if we have kids there, I want to be in a good school district. But I have some family in Perdido Key (near Alabama), so I have at least seen the area before and used to visit NAS Pensacola growing up! I'm definitely going to be looking for a job. Sacred Heart is apparently the only hospital in the area with a level III NICU, so that's definitely my #1 choice, but I still have to apply/interview.
    I'm a little bummed there's no Chipotle or Whole Foods, but I guess the beach is a fair trade
  4. Hey! Yes, we are still living here. I think you'll really like it here. It took a while to get used to, but now I love it here. If you have any questions about areas of town to avoid/look at please let me know! Is your DH being stationed here or are you moving here more permanently? Have you looked into jobs in the area yet? I know there is a really nice hospital in town that my neighbor works at and loves!
  5. Hey! Are you still in Pensacola? DH and I are supposed to move there in January and don't really know anyone there. We are hoping to buy a house, but we are going to go check out the area first. I'm anxious to go though!
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