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  1. aww cute!
  2. It'll be 4 years in february
  3. yeah u rly have to love them to actually be loyal and make it work =D how long have u been with DF?
  4. yea that makes complete sense actually lol I don't think I could go through this mess if I didn't like DF so gosh darn much haha
  5. i have had the opportunity a few times...but i have turned them down. not that i wouldnt wanna be in one..i mean i rlly miss it(weird) but i guess it depends on the if i rlly liked him enough to go through it again. cause at first i didnt know what it would be like, but now i do so hAHAHA NOT A yes not a No
  6. Oh :/ I'm so sorry that couldn't have been easy, no matter how understandable it is. Do you think you would want to get back into a military relationship, or no?
  7. it's about to be half a yr....we broke up like a eek after he got bck from deployment =( and like a month after we tryed to fix things but he said It was too long after we broke up and that maybe he didn't feel the same way for me. Which I understand.
  8. Oh, I'm sorry to hear that! Break ups are probably the least fun thing long ago did you guys break up?
  9. ohh cool my friend lives in coopers. um well he was a marine. meaning he still is but he is not my bf any more
  10. no Byron Center. My Fiance's grandma lives out in coopersville though! and yesss now I remember where it's at, we went to a few red wings games and I remember passing signs for dearborn!

    So what part of the military is your BF in?
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