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  1. We're newlyweds We got married on March 6th. Honestly, I think doing a small wedding is a great idea. That's what we did. We had a small justice of the peace wedding with about 20 people. We did it at the hospitality house at the apartment complex we live at. We live in FL and it was just so stressful trying to figure out how to plan a big wedding from here (we're both from the northeast). So we did a small one and we couldn't have been happier with the way it turned out. Doing a courthouse wedding and then a larger ceremony is a good idea too. That's what we were originally thinking about doing.
  2. Hey I'm Allison And I definetely agree with you lol! And I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels that way! Well we were planning on getting married in the next few months, but the air force keeps screwing it up haha. We may just have a small wedding at the courhouse and do a big wedding later, or not. We're just sort of playing it by ear at the moment haha. How long have you been married??
  3. Thanks for your post on my thread. It's nice to know that other people feel that same way I do about their SO's working nights. Yea the changes definitely do suck... sometimes it feels like the military runs our life lol. I'm Katy by the way I see that you guys are engaged, when's the big day??
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