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  1. Ah, okay! I get it now
  2. No, we are stationed here. At Point Mugu Naval Air Weapons Station. He's in a squadron attached to the Stennis. When they port in San Diego, they are usually either picking him up or dropping him off. And San Diego is 3-4 hours from where we are. So it feels like we are constantly going back and forth between there and here.
  3. So he's attached to the Stennis, but your stationed there, or do you just live there?
  4. No, we are stationed in California. I used to live in Washington though. Long before I met DH. I lived in Marysville and Everett.
  5. Oh yeah, aient that the truth. Do you live here in WA?
  6. Our first too. Honestly, I am looking forward to it as opposed to these work-ups!! The constant emotional roller coaster of coming home and leaving every few weeks is exhausting! I'd rather just get the deployment over with, you know?
  7. Uhmmm...NOT AT ALL! This will be my first! How about you?
  8. Almost 2 years. Are you ready for this deployment?
  9. Going on 5 years Minus an 18 month tour he did in Afghan. How about yours?
  10. That's cool. How long has he been with them?
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