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  1. Oh My things are crazy expensive! Do you overall enjoy it though? I am trying to look at it as a experience living elsewhere.
  2. Sorry, I had to break it up becuase it was too long for one message.

    Gas on base today is at $3.60 but it was up to $4.75 on base about 4mos ago so it's really, really expensive. I don't know if you're planning on getting married before possibly moving here but I will urge you to not move without that. You won't be able to be on base or be seen by military doctors and the Guam Hospital is VERY bad. Also, plane tickets are, at their cheapest, $2500 round trip to the USA so if you were married, you could at least travel via the military flights. IF you have any other questions, feel free to ask , I hope that helps you a bi
  3. Hi! Sorry, I didn't see this sooner!! Yes, I'm in Guam. Honestly, it's a rough place to live. It is beautiful but there's not a heck of a lot around here to do or work. The weather is up around 90* from April-December (also that's Typhoon season so lots and lots of rain). The humidity is VERY high here. Decmeber to April is 'winter'. It's actually fairly decent right now. Humidity is lower and there's a breeze so less hot. Electricity is a fortune here so be prepared for that. We aren't running any of our air conditioners right now and have the windows open but we live on a 'mountain' so it's cooler up here than most every where else. It is also a very secluded place. I've said a few times that if we weren't stationed in Hawaii for three years prior to this, I'd probably like it a lot better than I do. Also, my husband is on an active, forward deployed submarine so he's gone most of the time we've been here. Everything is very expensive here. A gallon of milk is over $6 out in town, at the commissary it's $5. .
  4. Hello, you commented on my post about needed a craft. I noticed you are located in guam. I actually had a few questions for you about guam. DB is hoping to get orders there and i am curious about guam as a whole and what it is like over there. When i graduate in 2 years i will be moving to him so if he does get what he wants being guam i want to learn as much about it as i can. Hope you can help
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