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  1. I don’t know, even if I make something for DB how many people are on his boat? I am better to save it for a smaller gathering. Definitely in of your skills
  2. He is really alert but is an observer. He's super laid back but he sucks everything in like a sponge... I will def post pictures of any cakes I make
  3. and

    Hmm, any celebration is improved with cake

    Is Wyatt a feisty baby? He looks really alert
  4. Aww! Thanks, I will have to agree with you yes, I will definitely be practicing. My mom's coming next week so I might make a smaller, round cake over the weekend in honor of her. Plus DH's birthday is on the 25th so he's expecting a cake, I'm sure.
  5. Aww, your son is so handsome! Will you be improvising and practicing until your next class starts?
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