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  1. Crawling?! but too!

    Yay for paid cakes too!

    P.s. you were right! They eat anything even if it's a little burnt
  2. Wyatt is doing well. He's sooooooooo close to crawling. I thought for sure that he would start to crawl while DH was gone last week but he didn't, so I'm really glad that DH didn't miss it.

    My cake class is going well, we'll have our third class on Monday I keep forgetting to post the pictures. I'm not proud of last week's cake. Unfortunately, I tried a different buttercream recipe and it just wasn't sturdy enough so it looked like a mess I was very embarassed to send it in with DH. Oh!! One of the chiefs on our boat is having me make a cake for his family and is paying me!! It totally made my day!! I can't wait to meet with his wife to discuss what she wants from me
  3. How is Wyatt? I still when I see your picture!

    How was your cake class?
  4. I would love to see it! Is it weird that I am experiencing a vicarious thrill from your cake making class . We are planning on trying cake balls soon. Like next month, at the rate we are going...
  5. My next class starts halloween morning we're making basket cakes so I'm pretty excited. I made the guys on the boat a jack-o-lantern cake last week, I keep forgetting to post a picture of it, lol
  6. I just wanted to say, our baking explorations stopped at Pillsbury cookie dough. Your other class hasn't started yet, yeah?
  7. DB invited me to be his date to an event

    My cousin's son is in his twos...and they are pretty interesting. He likes "no" and told my aunt he was mad at her because she scolded him .
  8. Wyatt is totally awesome He's super fun! I've only met a handful of the guys on the boat but I enjoy sending in goodies.
  9. Hrmm. That makes sense. I haven't met most of them and I am a bit :uhoh about it.

    Wyatt sounds awesome!
  10. I usually just make stuff for his department so thatcuts down on the number. But I think I'm going to offer to make cake for our xmas party so I'll probably do a few cakes.
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