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  1. How's your class going?

    How's Wyatt the active babe? Still pulling off adorably mischief and mayhem?
  2. Well, it would seem that Wyatt remains an epically awesome baby and intends to keep you guessing.
  3. Nope, I called my mom to see if my brother ever did that and was told that I just have a super unique child. I've been making him wear his cloth swim diapers over his normal diaper to try to keep the escaping pee to a minimum.
  4. Did you ever figure out how Wyatt managed the feat?
  5. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  6. That's what I feel, especially since this is DB's grand introduction.

    I think dessert is more DB's specialty.
  7. I always bring a bottle of wine and then some sort of side or dessert, even if I was told I didn't need to. I just feel like it's a nice thing to do if we go to someone else's house for dinner.
  8. Wyatt for his progress

    I am gearing up for Thanksgiving. Do you think DB and I should bring something? We were told it wasn't necessary, but I think it would be nice?
  9. I'm doing okay. My mouth is still a little sore but the dentist fit me in on the past Friday to do my crown instead of having me wait until this Tuesday so that is a little better. Getting busy with Thanksgiving - we're having two other families over so we've got a THIRTY POUND turkey The thing is massive! I have to take a picture of it next to Wyatt, it's just so huge!!

    Wyatt is getting sooooo close to crawling. I taped him this morning taking one step forward then going for the next and falling over, it was so cute

    How are you doing?
  10. How are you doing?
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