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  1. The earliest I can make it is 1:30. Would hath at work?
  2. So, Mark left already I'm having a rough time and would love to get out of the house. Any way you still want to go to the zoo today?
  3. By golly! I would be tempted to take pictures every hour
  4. thanks! That is probably the bset picture I have of Wyatt and I since my mom took it for me. Most of the pictures are either just of him or him with Mark since I like taking the pictures. Hopefully my mom will be able to get some good ones when she's here for the next few weeks.
  5. Can I just say that your siggy has two of my favorite sights? Wyatt and giraffes! And your is a third!

  6. I will focus on math's beauty
  7. Hey, I was wondering if you've had mochi before?
  8. How're you doing?

    How's Wyatt
  9. a headache and helping DB get started on school.

    I'm sorry about the cake class, but I believe that you have skill and will somehow manage to teach yourself the other skills

    Wyatt is growing so quickly.
  10. I'm actually not in a cake class right now. The intermediate class ended right before Thanksgiving and the last level starts in February but I may not be able to take it, now It all depends on the boat's schedule and when it is slated to move to Guam.

    Wyatt is doing well. He's mastered crawling, now, so I can't even leave him for a couple minutes before he finds some teensy tiny thing to put in his mouth. I caught his crawling on video yesterday so whenever that finishes uploading to FB, I'll post the link on here

    How are you doing?
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