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  1. That sounds great! I agree more bathrooms lol
  2. Its nice, we got the master bedroom but only one bathroom... but other than that its good. Great roomy, cheap rent .. happiness!
  3. Sweet! How do you like you new place?
  4. It has been, we're almost 100% moved in but we don't have our bed yet! Goodness =\ but we'll have it tomorrow!!!!
  5. Wow That is pretty stressful.
  6. Literally right across the bridge, the DB deploys soon (like REAL soon) and our former roommates coped out on us (vented about it too lol) and so I moved onto the AFB over here with another wife. slightly not good, according to the mil its a no-no but right now I could care less!
  7. Moving! where you headed? Sorry your so stressed.
  8. Good, we were moving so I had the stress of that and work.
  9. My holiday was nice. How was yours?
  10. Nice, yeah I'm in Lakewood just chillin, how was your holiday?
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