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  1. you have a good couple of days too! i'll catch up with you in a few days have a safe trip!
  2. WELL GO YOU!!! its tough, I could never do the medical field.. heck my daycare job can be too taxing somedays too.. little ones sneezing on me, putting their fingers in my nose, icky.. but their so CUTE! well I hope you have a good Christmas Eve/Christmas, I'm gonna try and sleep! Work, then a glorious 3-4 hour drive back to Oregon WOOHOO! plus no DB for 4 days (we live together) / cuz so much will get done!
  3. PT is a difficult degree and takes a long time lol, it was my first degree that i was going for. but the Rad Tech gig isn't too bad! it opens a lot of oppurtunities if i ever wanted to go back to school, plus i'm going to have an EKG certification by March so i'm in good shape i think
  4. Ya, see I can't choreograph to save my life! I guess your right, what else are you into? I do a lot of artsy things (photography, design (digital), but your right with the medical field, you could always look at a physical therapist assistant! They help people from all walks of life, or focus on sports medicine I give props to all my PT's they helped me through a LOT, still do actually ha-ha
  5. i'd love to coach for the rest of my life but unless i became an elite coach (which very few non-elite gymnasts can do) I won't make a whole lot, and I can't guarantee myself a coaching job anywhere...but a medical field job i can.

    Haha that sounds like me trying to choreograph a dance! it takes me at least two weeks of doing nothing else to come up with ONE 30 second dance...that's actually worth something
  6. You know what? Andy says the same thing.. But you should go after coaching, maybe get it in PE or something? Its something you love right.. why not? I'm okay with music.. I need lessons before I'm anything really worth listening too I swear, so don't feel bad.. and whatever you write down I'm sure is great, it takes me months to write a bar half the time!
  7. i just looked at your "about me page" i'm just sayin maybe you should do somethin' in the arts...

    i'm totally jealous that you are able to write songs...i LOVE to sing but when i try to write...i suck! not even exaggerating. I wish i could go to school for music, but i don't have the drive for it, so i'm gonna go for x-ray tech instead...
  8. ah, see I did it backwards; Navy, school - messed up - got married ... got divorced, got a job now I'm looking at going to school, but I have NO idea what to major in!
  9. well it's not that they won't have the classes...but i'm in my third year of college and have played the whole time...minus the first semester lol!! so ya...
  10. Yeah, it took a lot for me to understand how I was supposed to be treated and Andy (DB) helped a lot with that.. we mesh well I think, and hey, they say the AF is the right kinda guy to marry (or date haha). Won't you still get the classes? Their offered at most schools ... and who said school was just for working?
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