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  1. ahhh i see. i know what you mean...i was officially divorced in june....although it was over wayyyyyyy before that. lol. you will get where you wanna be=]
  2. Ah FL I spent time there when I was in the Navy, not a lot but some. Um AZ is cool and yes I am a photographer I enjoy it a lot if you want to check out my work KITPhotography (Acacia Winters) | MySpace
    I'm starting to get out there more but I've taken the last few months off due to a divorce and such.
  3. oh so you are a photographer? thats pretty awesome! i like taking pics but i dont think im very good at it haha! how was living in AZ? i always thought it would be cool to go there. we are from Florida. i was born and raised
  4. Yeah a daycare, not too glamorous but it pays right? I love kids too so I guess that helps! Yeah, medical is in demand, I'll probably go back to school and do photography. I really need to get some degree in it, my business (KIT photography) isn't taking off out here like it did in Oregon. Um I like it, my DB is here so that's why I moved here but I'm from AZ and lived in OR the last year and a half.
    Where are you from?
  5. oo what daycare is it? yea im going to be a medical assistant. i hear healthcare is a very in demand field. lol. i actually worked in daycare back home for almost 3 years! i had to take all those certification classes and everything! so how do you like living here in WA? have you lived here all your life?
  6. I am a sub at a really great daycare if your interested! (I believe they give mil discounts) and the DB is in the AF. He's a giant nerd stationed out of Ft. Lewis too, he's attached to the Army cuz of his job. What are you going to school for? I have to start taking classes for my job!
  7. well ima SAHM lol for another month. i start school full time fe 2nd. its going to be crazy!!! lol DH is army, outta ft lewis! what about you guys?? what do ya'll do?
  8. yeah, we escaped (with drinks) to watch.. we danced in the street and stuff it was AWESOME! , sounds like you guys got better seats though! So what do you do? What's your hubby do?
  9. i remember a radio station was there but i dont remember which one. lol. i know we were sitting in the grass right in front of the needle!! the fireworks were AWESOMEEE!!
  10. Ha so did we! We were right at that movin 92.5 party, it was alright but the fireworks were the best part of the party
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