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  1. oh okay! awesome!
  2. yea i talked to him-my friend in the army ntl grd.

    we may be more down the line.
  3. it really is a blessing. thank you so much!
    have you talked to your guy this morning?
  4. your story is unique isnt like most...its a blessing.
  5. i'm glad that my faith can be an inspiration! that is a wonderful compliment! thank you! yeah it's kind of "crazy" sounding. but someone on this site told me "your love may not be ordinary but if something is ordinary, it can't be extraordinary." so i'm happy it's different from everyone else's.
  6. Amanda your faith in God inspires me...thats so cute you have started planning your wedding b4 you met him.
  7. thank you! it's such a neat story! how many people do you know that start planning their wedding before they even meet one another?! it's so much fun being in love with him. he's the most incredible man i've (n)ever met. teehee.
  8. awww i love your story its so cute!!!!!!!!
    keep your phn glued to you
  9. i'm hanging in there. we both have strong faith and know he's coming home. God wouldn't have told us to wait for one another if He didn't plan on bringing him home to me. i'm amanda! great to meet you elise!
  10. Awww. well girl hang in there you just have to take it day by day and talk to me!!! I have a friend wh ois army and deployed to Iraq..havent heard from him in about 15days..

    going to read your story Elise by the way
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