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  1. you're welcome!
  2. awww thanks!
  3. great story! yay! congrats girlie!
  4. damn....well anyways. We got married 11 months after we started dating. We started living together right after we started dating.....we went pretty fast but hey we've been together for 4 years next month!! so something went right
  5. i have aim. haha.
  6. do you have msn messenger or yahoo? lol it would be a lot easier
  7. thats awesome! i'm so excited to start planning. but nervous. how long were you and him together before you got married? i want to know your story.
  8. no i didn't have much to think about stuff like literally after a few days of telling my mom i was getting married she already made appointments for EVERYTHING! lol She got everything done so quickly
  9. that's so wonderful! it sounds great! did you do a special theme or anything? i'm so glad that the deployment is going okay so far!
  10. I'm doing great! This deployment is WAY easier so its a huge weight lifted off of me. The wedding was AMAZING! We had a pretty big wedding, my mom paid for everything so there wasn't really a budget. it was so beautiful!
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