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  1. Thinking of you today!! Hope you hear from your DH then only one phase left!! Keep positive!
  2. Hey did you ever get a letter from your DH in Darby? I read on Armywife2929's wall that he was in Aco... I have heard that the Alpha RIs are the worst when it comes to the mind games in Darby. Good luck to him in Mountains! If you still need the Address it's:

    5th Ranger Training Battalion
    RN# xxx, A/B/C Company
    Camp Frank D. Merrill
    Dahlonega, GA 30533
  3. hey hun, keep your chin up! I think I got a letter about a week and a half in.... but don't take that to mean anything. The RI's play so many mind games in this phase that even if he is writing, there is always a chance they are holding his mail. It sucks and they can be so horrible, but you just have to stay positive. When will he be done with Darby? This Friday or next? Keep checking your mail and he'll be writing soon! Feel free to PM me if you need anything! I'm always here for you!
  4. hey girly i was going ask you when did you get your first letter in the mail from ranger school? I still have not gotten one yet i was sure i would got one today but its holiday and the mail doesn't run. Its hard i haven't talked to him for 2 weeks i would love to know how he is doing.
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