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  1. I know where Capua is, I used to have friend that were in Caiazzo, plus I am in Caserta every week.

    I've been here since 2006, we PCS this year.
  2. I live 10 minutes from Capua (have you ever heard about it?) and I'm Italian I met hubby when he was working here 4 years ago. Now he's stationed in VA and I'm still here because of my job and family. We go back and forth. One more year and either he's coming here or I move.
    That's cool you live in gricignano
    So you live on post? I'm always at the support site during weekends. How long have you been here?
  3. Hey! I'm actually in gricignano, my husband works out in bagnoli. Where do you live at? Are you american? Italian?
  4. I think we live close
    Actually you are in Bagnoli, right? I live 25 km north of Gricignano Support site. I'm Mari. Nice to meet you
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