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  1. hahahaha... that cracks me up!
    I didnt even know they made pickle sunflower seeds. Crazy.

    Well... Over winter break I went to Isaac's hometown.
    My best friend lives there. =]
    and while I was over there I met his parents for the first time.

    it was pretty exciting.
  2. awww. thats so sweet of him!
    i have problems thinking of what to send Jordan as well.
    seriously the only thing he wanted in his care package was dill pickle suflower seeds...
    seriously??! sunflower seeds? ahahahaha.
    whats new?
  3. I am doing pretty great.
    The boyfriend sent me a diamond heart shaped necklace for christmas. =]
    And I still dont know what to get him for christmas.
    How have you been?
  4. i'm very glad that i could help you a bit! how are you doing now girlie?
  5. Your reply to my posting really made me feel better.
    I am finally getting used to him not being able to talk all the time.
    but I am realizing that I need to be there for him because once he is home I know no matter what he will be there for me. =]
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